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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fixing No sound issue in Ut2004 on Debian or Crunchbang Wheezy

I've just installed ut2004 on Linux Crunchbang Waldorf. It launchs perfectly, but i didn't get any sound.
After looking on google I found a way to get the sound!

Main step : you just need to replace in the ut2004/System directory!

Normally you should have OpenAL installed, if not, try to install it via apt-get. You should have or something like that in the /usr/lib/ directory.

If you do, just copy it in the ut2004/System directory :

sudo cp /usr/lib/ /path/to/ut2004/System/

And launch the game.

If you don't have, go on and download it manually the .deb file "openal1" and extract it (using dpkg -x file.deb /path/to/ut2004/System/ .

Just launch the game and you should get the sound!

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